When too many people have a say

Photo by Leon / Unsplash

If a camel is a horse designed by a committee, why would we make creative decisions in a committee?

This week, we're talking about stakeholders.

Who are stakeholders?

These are people who have a say in the project.

The client wants the packaging centered. The writer wants the set decoration changed. The director's husband thinks the dialogue delivery was flat. Anyone can become a stakeholder in a project. But that doesn't mean they should be.

With too many stakeholders, we're going to end up with a lot of camels...

Wouldn't it be better to reach a final product that's powerful and cohesive, instead of a watered down project that tried to please everyone?

So what do we do about?

Give autonomy to the ultimate decider: someone with taste and a vision that you trust. If they receive a note from someone else, they should listen, but are not obligated to follow that note. After all, they are now the sole decider. They must problem-solve and create in a way that they truly believe in, not in a way that pleases everyone.

This is how we make something vibrant and cohesive.

Otherwise, we risk creating something that's toothless.

Mark Sommerville

Mark Sommerville

Los Angeles, CA